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  • 🌱HERB OF IMMORTALITY SUPPLEMENT - Jiaogulan Tea Has Been Used For Centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Asia For Its Anti Aging Properties & Adaptogenic Capabilities. Known As The Southern Ginseng, This Herb May Help The Body Adapt To Stress & May Enhance Memory, Improve Sports Performance & Boost The Immune System.
  • 🌱PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS, POWERFUL ADAPTOGEN -Incas Organic Jiaogulan Tea Leaves Are Packed with Natural Antioxidants Such as Glutathione & Superoxide Dismutase To Help Rejuvenate The Cells In Your Body. ​Helps To Manage & Relieve Stress, Calm The Nerves, Revitalize The Body & Bring Balance To All Body Systems. Powerful Detox & Longevity Tea.
  • 🌱STEEP IN HOT WATER FOR 5-10 MINUTES ::: Tastes Similar To Mild Green Tea. Blend With Other Teas, Such As Jasmine, Or Enjoyed On Its Own. Steep Jiaogulan In Hot Water For 5-10 Minutes.
  • 🌱USDA ORGANIC CERTIFIED, NON-GMO & CAFFEINE FREE - Incas Organic Jiaogulan Tea Is 100% USDA Organic, Caffeine Free & Sustainably Sourced From The Northern Region of Thailand. Incas Thai Jiaogulan Tea Is Made From Pure Jiaogulan Tea Leaves With Nothing Else Added.


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